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REST – the architectural style of designing and building APIs which leverage the basic foundations that made the world wide web what it is today – has over the last years replaced SOA as the predominant paradigm for designing APIs and enabling system integration.

We at Blue T believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach to any problem of significant complexity. A solid understanding of the principles of RESTful design will enable developers to select and apply these principles where they are a better fit for an integration problem than other approaches.

“REST: What’s it All About?” has been presented at Mastering SAP Technology 2012 and two SAP TechEds. The talk is aimed at introducing SAP professionals to RESTful design and its defining characteristics, as well as discuss some options for implementing RESTful APIs in an SAP landscape. The slides are available online, and the nice folks of the Eventful Group have provided a recording of the talk too.

Sascha Wenninger

Sascha Wenninger

Co-Founder Blue T

Sascha specialises in SOA, RESTful design and SAP’s related integration technologies such as SAP Process Orchestration. He is an active blogger on the SAP Community Network, regularly presents at conferences such as Mastering SAP Technologies and SAP TechEd and is an SAP Mentor. Before co-founding Blue T, Sascha worked for BHP Billiton and Australia Post where he designed and implemented several mission-critical integration processes and APIs.