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Perhaps this is a bit off-topic, or perhaps this is the start of a little blog series on the tools we find useful in running Blue T as a business. Being a small company without support staff, we always look for ways to do things more efficiently. Usually this means running our servers in the cloud, or using SaaS applications wherever possible. But it also means using Uber to go to client meetings or the airport because we find their services far superior to normal taxis.

While scrolling through my trip history on the mobile app to support my proselytizing, I noticed an odd trip one evening during the (very excellent) SAP Developer & Architect Summit this past November in Sydney. Admittedly this was late in the evening coming home to my Airbnb apartment from a nice craft beer venue, yet I didn’t remember asking for the scenic route.

Uber trip mapI do remember the driver being very courteous and driving a fairly nice dark Mercedes sedan, hence I would have given him the usual 5-star rating. However seeing the map did leave a bad taste in my mouth but with the rating now firmly locked into place, a dispute via customer service would be the only option. This trip being over 3 months old I didn’t have high expectations but anyways submitted a dispute via the app just to see what would happen.

Come Monday I received an email from Jenny apologising for the situation and confirming Uber had refunded the difference between what I paid and their trip estimate, thus reducing the charge by $14.

If I had taken a normal taxi, I certainly wouldn’t have arrived at this outcome. As only an occasional visitor to Sydney, I would have been clueless of the fact I’d been ripped off in the first place were it not for Uber’s GPS tracking. And even then, lodging a complaint with the Taxi Directorate would make Kafka weep – without the taxi’s license number, the driver’s ID number, the exact time, date and location, the phase of the moon and whether Venus was at the time ascendant in the house of Virgo, I wouldn’t have stood a chance.

One more reason why we use Uber for a lot of our travels! And if you’re not a convert yet, sign up and get $10 credit. 🙂

Sascha Wenninger

Sascha Wenninger

Co-Founder Blue T

Sascha specialises in SOA, RESTful design and SAP’s related integration technologies such as SAP Process Orchestration. He is an active blogger on the SAP Community Network, regularly presents at conferences such as Mastering SAP Technologies and SAP TechEd and is an SAP Mentor. Before co-founding Blue T, Sascha worked for BHP Billiton and Australia Post where he designed and implemented several mission-critical integration processes and APIs.