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At Blue T we believe in the value of sharing our knowledge with the broader community.  When we find the time to blog about something interesting, we do so here.

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Shutting down Meistr

With somewhat of a heavy heart, we decided to shut down Meistr, our SAP-centric quiz app, in order to focus on other projects. Over an investment of countless evenings and weekends spent thinking, designing, coding, debugging and often struggling with an unfamiliar,...

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SAP Tech and the Complexity Conundrum

Recently I was invited by Eventful Group to facilitate a round table of SAP customers in Melbourne to discuss their perspectives in the world of SAP technology. These round table events involve gathering together around 20 representatives from different SAP customers...

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Keeping the Faith with Fiori

This blog is about SAP’s Fiori, a term that embodies SAP’s focus on user experience. It isn’t so much a blog about technology, it’s more about faith, belief, and trust: faith that SAP is serious about renewing the user experience of its applications; belief that it will continue to invest in doing so, and trust that it will actually deliver.

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The Roadmap for SAP User Interfaces

Many of you know I am passionate about finding the optimum way of delivering a better UX for SAP customers. It’s reflected for instance in my presentation on Pragmatic Paths to optimise your SAP User Experience which I delivered at a local...

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Uber-Impressive Customer Service

Perhaps this is a bit off-topic, or perhaps this is the start of a little blog series on the tools we find useful in running Blue T as a business. Being a small company without support staff, we always look for ways to do things more...

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