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What we believe

Underpinning Blue T is a specific ethos shared by our founders.  It has been born from years in the field, working across decades of IT projects and is based what we see works, and what doesn’t.  From this we have come to a belief that a few good technologists are much more valuable than an army of novices.  Small skilled teams achieve results more successfully, more quickly, and at a lower overall cost.  We believe in the lessons of the mythical man-month in software engineering. We believe that job#1 on technology projects is to assemble the right people to deliver it from the beginning. We believe that customers should verify the credentials of every key technology consultant that they engage, and not leave this task to the systems integrator, or to a recruiter. We believe that fundamentally customers have been short-served by the IT industry, and that they deserve better.

Our beliefs are encapsulated in our Blue T Manifesto below:

We believe:

in the value of great people over blindly following process in driving successful outcomes.

that the right attitude is as important as knowledge and experience.

in respecting the detail, as it is here where the job gets done.

in pragmatic design over ivory tower architecture.

in the value of small skilled teams over large commoditised crowds.

that knowledge should be shared openly and freely.