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A Guide to HTML5, APIs and Web Apps

Updated: May 14, 2019

I often hear the question ‘what is HTML5 about, anyway?’.  So at a recent Mastering Mobility for SAP conference I challenged myself to answer this question in a presentation about HTML5 for what is primarily a non-technical audience.  And to add to the challenge, I decided to deliver this particular presentation using HTML5 via a Chrome browser, rather than the traditional PowerPoint.  I started with the excellent open source HTML5 presentation framework ‘Reveal.js‘ by Hakim El Hattab.  Then added a dose of my own HTML markup as well as JavaScript to power a few moving parts.  I also added links to some of the best third-party HTML5 demos I’ve seen on the web.  Since this presentation was at an SAP-related conference, some of the slides make reference to applicability in an SAP context.

At over 30 ‘slides’, this presentation is not light (and the irony is not lost on me, when you see the presentation preaching the importance of lean web delivery for use on mobiles).  Nonetheless the delivery is greatly assisted by the use of Google PageSpeed for Nginx (many thanks to my colleague Sascha Wenninger for setting that up).  I also noticed that not all the demonstrations work on all browsers (such is the current challenge with HTML5 features).  To see all the demos working, I recommend using Chrome browser on the desktop.


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