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Navigating SAP’s Integration Options

Over the past few years, the options available to SAP customers for integrating their SAP systems with the rest of the world have grown tremendously. This presentation from Mastering SAP Technologies Australia aims to help customers choose the most appropriate solutions for their particular problems.

When designing integration solutions, I like to start by going back to first principles and get the basic interactions right by focusing on two questions first:

Push or Pull? Who is the active party and controls when and how often the interaction occurs? Synchronous or Asynchronous? Who is responsible for ensuring the interaction succeeds, and is responsible to deal with any errors which occur?

Get those two things right, and the rest becomes a lot easier.

Unfortunately there is no single solution which will suit all use cases. For an environment of any kind of complexity, a number of solutions will be required to avoid trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. In order to match solutions to use cases, I examine SAP’s current product offerings against a number of criteria.

See the slides for yourself below!


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